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The GDD series of dedusting units allows to reduce the dustiness in the material to be processed, through air counterflow systems and possibly deionization systems, to allow high efficiency removal. The models available are for consumption from 50 kg/h to 2000 kg/h in the standard versions.

The design of the GDD provides:

  • Stainless steel dedusting chamber
  • High head dust extraction fan
  • Bag filter for dust collection
  • Step dedusting system with stainless steel chamber and movable side wall for adjusting the dedusting air blade
  • Transparent windows on the chamber to check the fall of the material
  • Cyclone ring for dust discharge on container / bag with bag filter for filtration of the outgoing air
  • Level sensor mounted on the material discharge


  • Deionization systems
  • Internal Teflon coating of the chamber
  • Loading rotary valve